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Mountain Shine Car Wash

"Before Via, customers couldn't find us online. A month after our grand opening, we were struggling because there are 15 car washes in a 5 mile radius."

"Now with Via, we are the #1 car wash in our city in less than 3 months. We were able to increase our ranking, increase our reviews (from 7 to 50+) and increase revenue by over 6%

"Before Via, customers who lived right next to us would go to dealerships in the next town because we couldn’t rank on Google."

"Via helped take our dealership to the next level. Via increased our foot traffic by over 15%. People 30 miles away are driving to visit us instead of their local dealer

Golden Spike Polaris Dealership

"We didn't know how to stand out before Via. We're in one of the most competitive markets for wine - NYC. People looking to buy wine in Hell's Kitchen couldn't find us"

"Via helped differentiate us online by making us the #1 wine store in Manhattan. Our revenue has gone up 7% because more people are finding us online

Veritas Studio Wines

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Our customers see an average revenue increase of 6% because of Via

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Just a few of our features...

Supercharge your online review generation by texting your customers as they walk out of your business 

Online Google reviews are directly correlated with your Google ranking. Via will text customers trackable review links as they walk out of your store to collect meaningful reviews

Automatically list your business on 30+ online directories, so you can be found anywhere and everywhere

Via uses its AI-engine to automatically create 30+ accounts for you on the most popular online directories (e.g. YellowPages.com), so customers can find you

Achieve a 99% open-rate on all marketing materials by texting your customers through Via

Via's proprietary text marketing platform let's you have two-way, meaningful conversation with your customers

Who are we?

Tejas Konduru


Greg Woodfield


-BS in Finance from Brigham Young University

-Former investment banker @ Credit Suisse

-BS in Business from Weber State University 

-Former national head of sales @ Maximum Benefits

We are the kids of small business owners

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